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MEP-FC-961 (9″x6″x3″ Bamboo Fiber (PFAS Free) 1 Compartment Hinged Lid Takeout Container, White, 250 ct.)


Enjoy the convenience of environmentally-friendly disposable products with this MyECOPlanet™ 9″x6″x 3″ PFAS Free bamboo fiber takeout box!

The MyECOPlanet 9″x6″x 3″ 100% compostable bamboo fiber 1 compartment takeout box is perfect for restaurants, caterers, and sandwich shops that serve anything from hot entrees to cold salads. Package up takeout orders or leftovers for your customers while also taking a step toward going green with this environmentally smart option!

Eco-Friendly Construction

Made from renewable resources, this rectangular takeout box is entirely compostable to reduce your establishment’s environmental impact. While other disposable products are burned when thrown away causing air pollution, this can be renewed and recycled. Plus, the extremely durable material is cut and grease resistant so you can use it for a variety of foods!

Bright, White Finish

No matter what your food is, it is sure to pop against the contrasting bright, white finish of this molded fiber container.

Secure Lip

The container stays shut when closed to help preserve freshness, and its perforated lid can be torn off to give your customers easy access once they’re ready to dig in!

Superior Alternative

This bamboo fiber container takes up less storage space than other disposable alternatives, and it can hold heavier foods than either paper or Styrofoam. Plus, since it requires much less energy to produce, it saves on both energy and resources.

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